Book Review: We Shadows by Thomm Quackenbush


After a year of coasting rather than living, destroyed by her boyfriend Eliot’s death, Shane Valentine matriculates into his college. She begins to build a new life as a college freshman, only to have it stolen from her one night while drowning her sorrows at the bottom of a daiquiri.

Awakening the next day in a strange apartment with a bloody shirt and three scars she can’t remember. Shane realizes that no one aside for her roommate Roselyn, a Wiccan with epilepsy, remembers her.

Unfortunately, three occultists remember her all too well!


Shane’s first boyfriend before college dies of accidental downing and when she starts college where he was a student she attracts the attention of unwelcome forces, is this linked to her late boyfriend, her roommate or is something else afoot?

Not an avid fantasy reader I found this novel harder to get into and with no knowledge of this fantasy world a little disconcerting as a unique lexicon seemed to be introduced without much description. I’m sure people who love fantasies will find this a more entertaining read then I did but I’m just not laid back enough to enjoy this book more.

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