The trials of youth are always difficult, but sometimes fate brings forth every ounce of its fury down upon one soul despite their good intentions. Isiah Tolman embodies a heroic desire to feed the homeless through unconventional means. Unfortunately, the young man has disturbed the lives of a few tortured souls whose desire for retribution and hunger for chaos will send his life into uncharted territory.

Isiah’s Skirmish:

Act I: A wounded mind and disturbed soul are writing journal entries that describe violent acts of passion. Who is writing these journal entries? Isiah and his friends start down a dark, adventurous path. What will become of them with so many players who love carnage?

Act II: Deals are made with dark figures and lines are hastily drawn. When fate spins the wheel, who will come out on top, and who will pay the price? The disturbed soul is yet to be discovered and time grows shorter. Everyone is faced with serious dilemmas that cast foreboding shadows over their futures.

Act III: Lives are forever changed as sinister revelations are exposed and those involved feel themselves compressed by unstoppable forces. As desperate decisions allow ruthless masters to impose their will, enemies are raised to the ground, and the innocence of youth is shed as the predatory nature of the world bares its horrid teeth…


Isiah is a refugee from his homeland in the Middle East, his parents were killed and his grandfather fled with him to the United States. After living rough for a while he was adopted by an American couple who thought it would be best for Isiah if his Grandfather came to live with them too. The influences on Isiah’s life through childhood mould who he is as a teenager. A meaningless encounter with a deadly criminal puts the spanner in the works for Isiah and his plans.

An absolutely brilliant thriller. Characters are well written and you just don’t know how it’s going to end. From ordinary humble beginnings, Isiah begins his plight. I didn’t consider the character of Isiah and his Grandfather as Islamic, more desperate, broken and misguided people who don’t observe any of the basic tenets of Islam. This isn’t a book examining terrorism or condemning Islam, its a story which makes observations as we follow Isiah’s life getting more and more complicated. There is nothing small or brisk about what is happening to Isiah so the title Skirmish doesn’t do this book justice in my opinion. This ends on a cliff hanger and I am looking forward to reading the sequel.