Book Review: I Of The Storm by Neesha Hosein


Being struck by lightning as a child sets Kira on an adventurous path of encounters. The “shocking” accident changes her forever, creating a secret door in her mind. Her life becomes a riveting series of events after pregnancy unlocks that door and connects her to another realm of existence. Her guiding light is the supernatural as she begins to have visions that lead her through some spine-tingling revelations about her husband, the man whose abuse she endures and whose rigorous rules she obediently follows until the day she makes the ultimate discovery. She must decipher the visions before it’s too late.


A well written harrowing story of abuse and a sinister secret. Kira had no idea when she married her childhood sweetheart just what her future would hold. As she recounts moments from their past as she lives with lacklustre now nothing can prepare her for the coming events in her life. With a little supernatural help Kira will see the full picture clearly. A gripping short book, well worth reading.


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