The Slimming World Slow Progress

The last week and a bit has been eventful. As well as enjoying the Easter Bank Holiday by indulging in chocolate, we had appointments at the Dentist.

Our Slimming World meeting pre-Easter warned us of pitfalls that hinder weight loss and I allowed myself to indulge in Easter delights such as a portion of Smartie Hen, Aero Lamb and Milky Bar Cow. I also enjoyed Mini Eggs. I didn’t feel left out and as a result was enthused to exercise too. I did away with the stopwatch and just used the stepping machine until I felt I couldn’t carry on anymore. This helped and I found myself exercising multiple times a day increasing my exercise times.


After indulging in chocolate to my hearts content I maintained my weight at our last Slimming World Meeting. I was delighted as I knew I could have quite easily gained and the 3 days of exercise helped immensely. I hope the continuation of my exercise regime means I see a loss in subsequent weeks.

My husband wholeheartedly embraced the concept of not being deprived of treats and indulged far more than I. He also ate a large packet of fresh dates. Each date was 1.5 syns and after eating about 40 last week he didn’t put on weight! In fact, Easter indulgence and dates resulted in a 1.5 lbs loss for him this week. I am not ashamed to say I am envious. It seems I do all the planning and fretting and he looses the weight. He has lost a massive 19.5 lbs to my 10 lbs since we joined Slimming World. He’s my slimming buddy and I find he’s way out of my league. Don’t get me wrong, he’s very supportive and loving but it’s sickening how he can eat 60 syns by mistake and still lose weight!

When I expressed these feelings at our Slimming World meeting I found I was not alone in my slimming buddy envy, which was reassuring. It seems many slimming couples and friends don’t have to work as hard as the rest of us to lose weight. I didn’t like that we were seen to be having a domestic because I openly expressed my disgust at the unfairness of the situation. Being peeved about my husbands greater weight loss is nothing like our domestics, trust me our domestics are much more colourful and explosive over much more fundamentally meaningful issues and I am always right, he is always wrong. Likewise, when we went to the dentist for our check ups I was hoping my husband would have an experience that would motivate him to keep his teeth clean and get regular check ups, not as my dentist suggested using him to hurt my husband!

Honestly, shock doesn’t even begin to explain my reaction! I simply asked if my husband needed a deep scaling like I had and if his fillings would be as painful as my deep scaling treatment. I was informed my husband would have anaesthetic. Great. How come I never got any? Deep scaling was like someone putting a needle into my gums and dragging it across my gum line. It was enough to get me brushing twice to thrice a day with a Braun Oral B Triumph 5500 toothbrush and mouth washing with the rank Corsodyl mouthwash. I simply wanted the same motivation for my husband without being pigeonholed an irascible sadist and cold wife.

Well at least my husband appreciates my sense of humour I suppose. He also enjoys laughing at me as people take me the wrong way, or more frequently, don’t know how to take me. I feel for our dentist the charming Dr Pattanwala who is getting married soon and is no doubt having nightmares about his future wife wanting to perform a root canal without anaesthetic. Relax Mr Pattanwala wives aren’t sadists we just want our husbands to learn lessons and not cost us a lot of money at the dentist. Going more than once every 10 years would be a good start.

So to clarify, I do like my husband, he annoys me, more so as I am suffering from clinically induced menopause, yes I keep mentioning this because it really sucks. As much as I want him to learn he’s fortunate and some things are harder for me I wouldn’t wish for him to have my health issues and am grateful for his good health and physical robustness. I just hope he keeps doing things to prolong his good health and good fortune to have good health.


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