The Bucket List

Ever since my appointment at the Pulmonary Vascular Unit, at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield this month, I have been thinking about writing my bucket list. For those who don’t know your bucket list is the things you wish to do before you kick the bucket, in other words die. I don’t want to be morbid, although I am quite aware the tone of my bog in general is headed that way, but it would be a shame to avoid the issue and not get to do things I really want to.


So, the big question is, what do I want to do?

Whilst I still can without oxygen, I would like to fly on holiday with my husband to somewhere like Morocco, or back to Dubai. Both if I can manage it.


I’d like to go on a cruise around the Mediterranean.


I’d like to visit Kew Gardens and Wimbledon at the time of great excitement.


I’d like to stroll Covent Garden and watch a play in London’s theater district and see a musical.


Read a number of book sequels I’m waiting for.


I’d like to see the Nutcracker at Christmas, like I have once before many years ago.


I’d like to run along a beach with a dog while it’s raining in Aberystwyth (not my dog and not a dog chasing me viciously).


These are the first things that spring to mind, as I try and write this list. I may be not seeing the wood for the trees as I compile this list and I am sure my husband will read it and tell me I’ve missed off something obvious. So the list is open to suggestions from those who can contribute to it positively.

While I have been thinking about this list I realise that these are things I should get on and do anyway. Tomorrow never comes and yet we always say we will do this or that and never get around to it. With my debilitating OCD I avoid many situations and I think the thought of not having the option to do things really makes you realise how privileged we are to have the physical ability to go see a film, theater whatever, there are so many out there with disabilities that don’t allow them these freedoms.

So if you can do something and you’ve always wanted to, make 2013 the year you do it. If you have never thought about doing things because you may never get another chance, as most healthy people won’t have, it can’t hurt to think and make some of those things happen now. I think we can do ourselves a lot of good by living in the now and doing things to enrich our lives today, this week, this month, this year.

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