Ecclektic Ghana


I’m tired. I’ve been oscillating between apathy and the kind of anger that makes my chest feel tight, that makes my voice tremble when I shout. Sometimes I’m despondent; the silver lining on Ghanaian clouds is the first flash of a lightning bolt, watch out for that, it’ll get ya. Sometimes I’m hopeful; it’s still better here (for me) than elsewhere (and I don’t mean the places with war and strife, I mean the UK and the US). Sometimes I pray. I’m Christian but I never understood why people prayed for their country till now. God gave us free will and a country runs on the amalgamation of that free will. So sure, I’d pray that I wouldn’t do something stupid with my own free will but praying for the country sounded like an infringement. If people chose to drive like maniacs, vote like lemmings and lead like pirates then…

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