Having cleared 2/3 of my review list I currently have the following books to review:

20 Reading The Dead by John Cameron*
21 Mulligan’s Reach by Jennie Orbell
22 The Boiler Plot by Emily McDaid
23 The Day The Tigers Broke Free by Ken Ping
24 Blade Man by Edison McDaniels
25 The Dead Virgins by Kevin Ashman
26 The Legacy of Lorna Lovelost by Gary William Murning
27Tortured Memory by Lawrence W Gold
28 A Pig In An Evening Suit by RR Gall
29 Isiah’s Skirmish by Travis Irish
30 I of the Storm by Neesha Hossein
31 Murder Under The Miroscope by Jane Bennett Munro
32 Faceless by Dustin Sanchez
33 Destination by Imran Siddiqi
My list grows every few days and I am flattered and grateful for being kept busy. I hope I give feedback of what an average punter reading these books feels. I have been very rarely disappointed by books I have been asked to read and am grateful for the opportunity to discover such wonderful books in what seems like an infinite market of self-publishing.
Today seems a good day to curl up with a cat or two and mt Kindle as I feel and look so tired. I cannot actually pinpoint a specific issue, blood sugars are fine, peak flow ok, blood pressure stable at 118/84. I just feel so fatigued though and after visiting the Hallamshire on Monday I wonder if this is a symptom of the otherwise invisible pulmonary hypertension.
I am trying to be upbeat and positive but it is hardwork and I do hate moping. On a positive note I went to the Slimming World meeting this morning where I frustratingly found I had gained a pound since last week but my husband is looking svelte as he won his 1 stone award. It’s reassuring we have the plan right, but I think my chronic health issues may be slowing me down.
I remain optimistic I will lose and add to my half stone loss next week.