Book Review: The Voting Machine by Dmitri Ragano


It’s election season in Las Vegas and someone is murdering voters.

Two political activists are killed as they cast ballots in a critical swing state Senate race. The murder victims are rival campaigners on opposite sides of the liberal – conservative divide. One is a retired school teacher, an ex-hippie who remains active in progressive causes. The other is a rich Tea Party supporter whose son served in Iraq.

Temo McCarthy is a volunteer in a voter registration drive and he knows both of the murdered men. The FBI asks Temo to assist their investigation as the killings become linked to broader threats of a terrorist attack on the general election.

Temo has experience dealing with the main suspects: a mysterious Middle Eastern charity, a Mexican drug cartel and an anti-government, white-supremacist militia.

Temo realizes that he alone holds the key to finding a ruthless and brilliant killer who is determined to sabotage the vote and provoke a national crisis.

This is the second book in the Temo McCarthy series.


In the sequel to Employee of The Year, the plot thickens as Temo finds himself in Las Vegas after a string of bad luck and choices. He ends up working with the voter registration programme he encounters a number of new characters and finds himself in even more danger. Operations at Passion have been moved and Temo has a new set of choices.

In book 2 of this trilogy Temo’s life has more twists and turns as he unearths a part of a bigger evil. The stakes are higher as Temo dabble in his first stint of politics. The narrative is still as gripping and we see the action from the front through Temo’s eyes. Seldom are sequels better than the first offering but this one definitely is, Ragano retains his skill to make us gasp and want to know more. He impresses with his knowledge of politics and finance as well as Texas Hold ’em in this sequel.


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