The Slimming World Saga

As I have mentioned before, I am currently food optimising on the Slimming World weight loss plan and after a disastrous and depressing week last week where I put on 2 lb, I lost 2.5 lbs this week. It’s a small step in the overall plan but it’s a huge step for me this week. I have felt better and much more energised since my husband and I have been food optimising, despite the slight deviation of a gain the week before I feel I plan does work and is not a diet but a way to look at food and eat what’s best for you as opposed to what’s easier to buy in the supermarket.

I walked a lot more in the past week and I ate more nutritiously too. I increased my fruit intake but being a diabetic on insulin I watched my sugars closely whilst doing all this. I also ate out twice this week and still managed to lose my making adjustments and knowing what was on the menu and what would work best for food optimising.

Mental attitude is everything and I know this is going to be a long journey. I don’t expect losses of 5 or 6 lbs a week a 1lb a week is alright as long as I feel good, am eating well and my blood sugars stay stable. I am 6 lb away from my first stone award and I hope to achieve it soon, not in a week or 2 weeks but soon.

I was told by a family member this week that he didn’t think I could achieve my long term goal. There is information in the Slimming World pack that prepares you for negative opinions but there’s nothing that prepares you for hearing it from your nearest and dearest. I felt hurt but his opinion doesn’t actually influence what I am doing because he isn’t interested in my weight loss journey or food optimising. He knows nothing about it. What I do with my weight is down to me and I am fortunate enough to have people around me who are interested and encouraging. I know when I lose the weight he’ll be happy about it as he’ll feel I’m more aesthetically pleasing to the eye but the struggle is not something he can be helpful with.

I am walking further more comfortably now and I find that even a little change has made all the difference to me, I haven’t reached the Club 10 goal yet. This is where you lose 10% of your weight loss goal and gain many health benefits. I look forward to that point but I feel good now.

I have an appointment with the Pulmonary-vascular unit on Monday and I hope very much that I test well there and my pulmonary hypertension responds favourably to my weight loss too.

I am on track and reaping the rewards.


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