The Crufts Adventure 2013 And The iPad Null Hypothesis

As planned weeks ago, I visited Crufts with my husband and good friends. We had a lovely time. We supported Mel, a breeder of lovely Dachshunds, who did very well with a beautiful dog she had bred. She also showed 2 more who were breathtakingly gorgeous. We enjoyed the dogs being shown and the running around. I thought they all looked marvelous in the ring but I’ve no idea of the breed standard. I was bowled away by the lovely atmosphere and the friendly, well-groomed dogs, chatty dog owners and breeders we met. We fussed many beautiful dogs and no one said don’t touch, like we often see in cat shows.

I can see why the event is on for 4 days, there are so many breeds and so much to see. The trade stands were in full swing and we met a man who sold us dog shampoo by tasting it first, bringing a hint of surrealism to the day to balance the mood.

Will I get a dog? Those who know me are convinced I will but I have my hands full with my lovely cats and I am working on improving my health before I take on the responsibility for another loving animal. I’m not saying never, I’m saying not right now. Besides, how do I decide which breed I like? Should I home a dog from rescue? Should I home a dog that looks more like me or my husband?

Image  Image

On another note, I have lent my iPad for 6 weeks to a family member and I wonder how I can live without it. He needed something to access the internet abroad, wasn’t sure if he’d need it once he returned home and don’t think the iPad is essential kit. So the null hypothesis is I do not need an iPad to facilitate my virtual presence.

Hmmm. We’ll see…Watch this space…

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