Book Review: Echoes by PJ Roscoe


A mysterious woman moves to a secluded cottage on the outskirts of a lonely village in Shropshire, hoping to start a new life after suffering years of abuse. But the echoes of the land refuse to lie quietly… A supernatural thriller moving between present day and the 15th Century when Henry Tudor claimed the throne of England. There were many casualties of war, but some injustices refused to be forgotten.


Bronwen has had a troubled life and is a survivor of abuse who moves into a small village after her step-aunt passes away. She finds an idyllic cottage and pays her rent upfront for the year hoping to keep herself to herself. Fate has other plans as she is the topic of much curiosity in the small village and her presence is resented by Adam who lived in the Cottage before his father, Sir Richard rented it out to bring in money to help pay the bills generated by their Stately home. Adam doesn’t know the financial crisis his father is in. Brown wen discovers shortly after moving in that the village seems to be haunted but what does the Spector of the young girl who appears to her want?

I absolutely loved reading this book. This supernatural historical murder mystery had me on the edge of my seat. The characters were wonderful, flawed and interesting and I loved the way the relationships developed. The historical aspect was tethered in real history but the characters fictitious.

I loved the way the author revealed segments of the mystery and I look forward to reading more from this author in future if possible.


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