Book Review: Emotional Health For Emotional Wealth: The View From A Therapist’s Office by Susan Jane Smith BSc


When you have emotional wealth it is like living in a verdant place – you have serenity! The front cover of this book was chosen because it conveys serenity to the author. That is not just about the serenity of a beautiful place, but serenity of the soul. Being still and at peace with yourself and the world is a large part of having emotional wealth.

You get serenity by looking inside yourself and your life – preferably through the process that is counseling/psychotherapy. You can also get there through meditation and prayer. When you are truly connected with yourself you can be in a crowded room and still feel serene regardless of the circumstances.

Yes, this is another self-help book. It is based on over 20 years of professional experience. You only need to read the chapters relevant to you and you will find other self-help suggestions included.

Why live the impoverished life created by child abuse, bullying, rape, domestic violence, alcoholism, depression or poor self –esteem?

Chapters are included on love, parenting through divorce, stress, bereavement and wealth.

When you open this book you will start to examine your life and just by reading this you will be going down the path to emotional wealth. Enjoy the journey.


The topics covered in this book are very difficult ones but Susan, through her abundance of experience, tackles each one with sensitivity and skill. She proffers through the book that she is giving her personal experience and opinion and very valid it is too. She is very intuitive and the book empowers readers to help themselves through recognising behaviour, patterns and feelings of self destruction.

I think the references to other sources of information are invaluable. This book is best read in conjunction with therapy and is not a substitute for therapy.

Although Susan has retired, she is open to contact through her own website and her support is there to guide you to emotional health. This book has been written with passion and drive to set those adrift in a sea of emotional anguish to help and safety.


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