Book Review: Stormy Weather by Dermot Davis


Robert Munro, a therapist specializing in dream interpretation, awoke one morning to find himself in a dream from which he could not awaken. Experiencing first hand the limitations of his own training and theories, he must solve the puzzle of his own dream in order to break free from its bondage. In the process, he’ll better understand himself, other people, and the nature of consciousness itself.


There was something about this book which I found disappointing, I think the psychology was a little obvious and there was nothing mysterious about why Robert felt the way he did and it all seemed to be served up with a little bow.

There was a fair degree of predictability but I found the characters somewhat lacking too. There was a point when I felt I had wandered into a bad Terry Pratchett book. Overall I found the book adequate just about but not remarkable and it didn’t deliver what I expected to be a compelling read about dream analysis.


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