The Homing Malfunction

How hard can it be? Finding homes for beautiful exotic cats who make people melt when they meet them? Harder than you think. It seems that cats are capsulated in myth, which doesn’t help. First myth, they drink milk. Actually cats are lactose intolerant so feed milk at your own peril even the famous cat food brand. Secondly, they don’t have 9 lives, just the one which can be horribly cut short when run over or fed antifreeze, only 2 of the many dangers facing cats allowed to roam, yet the majority of people who approached me for a pet Bengal in 2012 thought it ok to have a cat they allowed to roam.

Paying for advertising seems pointless when I attract inquiries from morons who lack common sense. From those who want to feed obligate carnivores Quaker Oats to those who cannot understand why a child/cat might be upset to sleep alone in a strange room away from his/her brothers or sisters for the first time. And the common theme running through all these people? That the cats are disposable. They can return the cat to someone who has a greater sense of responsibility, namely me, for a complete or partial refund at will.

It’s easier for me and the cats if I don’t have to let these bottom dwellers into my home, which is a gross inconvenience and invasion of my personal space. It’s certainly less disruption for the cats to go and live somewhere else indefinitely with idiots who are too stupid to take the time to understand them and only come armed with stupid pointless phrases like “tri-coloured rosettes”, instead of sensible questions about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or live vaccine vs dead vaccine.

Everyone and their dog likes the thought of lounge leopards but only a small fraction are actually worthy of being in the presence of such beautiful animals. That fact in mind, what was I thinking when I thought breeding bengals was a good idea? I have no idea. I bought into the illusion that unscrupulous breeders sold me about how much people like cats. People may like to think they like cats but few have any idea about what cats like.

I make no apology for keeping the majority of intellectually challenged idiots away from my cats. They have far more intelligence than the average Bengal kitten inquirer. So unless you actually know what love is and can apply it to a cat, keep your stupid questions and uninformed opinions about what cats need the hell away from me, capiche?

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