Unscheduled Blog/Social Media Break

I have been noticeably absent for a few weeks as I haven’t been well. Rest assured treasured regular readers it really isn’t anything too serious and I’m on the mend. Authors I have not forgotten your books and I will be hitting my reading list again soon. 

I hope very much to tackle the backlog in books and blog posts soon. I’m thinking of you all and missing you. I hope normal service will resume soon. 


I’m delighted to have official recognition for reviewing a hundred books for Netgalley. Even though I’m a gypsy of book review and tend to dip in and out of various online resources for new books to review, it’s still satisfying to find another milestone to add and another badge to adorn my blog. 

100 Book Reviews

I am also facing another unfortunate challenge of not feeling particularly well. I appear to be still anaemic but I am also suffering with excruciating heartburn symptoms, which I am loathed to see as an emergency, but will take to the appropriate healthcare professional for further consideration.

My reading has slowed a little due to my current illness, but I hope imminent hospital and GP visits will put be on the road to recovery even if my bounce back time from illness is, well, less bouncy with progressing age.

I look forward to bringing you my next hundred book reviews, even if it is at a much reduced pace. Thank you for tuning in, folks!

Spring Has Sprung

I have been steadily inundated with book review requests; thank you for contacting me with details of your book if you have emailed me. I will be compiling a list of books I will be accepting for review shortly. I only accept books I feel I would enjoy and to which I would give positive feedback. Books I don’t enjoy are not promoted on my blog and contribute to delays in my blog posts.

The more I read, I feel, the higher the bar gets in terms of the books I enjoy. Originality, unique voice and charismatic characters become harder to find, but reading still remains number one pastime and there is nothing I enjoy more than sinking into a decent book. Recently I have been feeling unwell and the cause for this was confirmed to be my worsening diabetes at annual diabetic clinic and I will be undergoing more tests shortly to eliminate ant concurrent conditions. I am hoping once the issues behind my worsening health has been addressed, I will pick up the pace of reviewing I had earlier this year.

Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for your patience if you’re waiting for a book review.


Seasonal Review Disturbance

Regular readers of my blog may have noticed that my rate of posting has slowed recently. This is because I have read a couple of books I didn’t award enough stars to post about here and also I have had the ‘flu for a week now.

My last book review seemed a bit sparse to me and this is because I could not find the words to express how much And The Mountains Echoed touched me. The central theme about two siblings separated resonated with me. However, any separation I have with siblings is voluntary and not as a result of war or poverty. This is very sad indeed and I am far from proud of the circumstances. I own my part in our current estrangement and if I’m being ruthlessly honest, the ball has always been in my court. If only I had the courage to act.


I hope my usual reading rate resumes soon and I look forward to telling you more about the books I have read.