I post reviews of books where I give a no-spoilers description of what the book is about and what I felt whilst I read it and ultimately what I thought of it. I don't post stars on this blog as I feel stars are too simplistic when it comes to describing the journey you went on when you read a book. Although I do post star ratings on books in Goodreads and Amazon, as is the accepted convention.

My Reviews

My tastes have been more eclectic in the past but presently I'm in a place where I enjoy good psychological and literary thrillers that show a depth of understanding of human nature. Likewise my reviews have undergone metamorphosis since I first started posting them in 2013, which reflects the growth I have had, and continue to have, as a blogger, reader and reviewer.

I have suffered from OCD for many years and as a result typos, discontinuity, inconsistency, implausibility and lack of attention to detail annoy me. When I read a book I do weigh up errors against the overall flavour of the book. I have discovered a number of new authors whilst book blogging and feel like part of the book blogging community, who are always here, always supportive and never make my book problems feel like something out of the ordinary.


I write this blog to reach out to fellow bibliophiles, OCD sufferers and Pulmonary Hypertension patients like me, whom I would otherwise not meet due to geography and I am grateful for their camaraderie and candour when it comes to my blog.

To contact me about book reviews please write to me at ajoobacats@icloud.com. after reading my Guidelines page of what you need to do to submit a book review.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and Liking one of my posts recently — I greatly appreciate it! I enjoyed visiting your blog as well and look forward to getting to know you and reading more of your posts and reviews.

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      1. Thanks for liking my post- “The One and Only Ivan” by Katherine Applegate!
        I really appreciate it!


  2. Hello, Ajooba! Just clicking around the blogosphere and commenting on blogs that I think are fun and interesting, and youโ€™re one of them. October is my birthday month, so consider this an invitation to my month-long birthday party. Hope to see you over at Thatโ€™s So Jacob sometime! Ciao for now!


  3. Hi, ajoobacats!


    I’m proud of you for being real,
    For stating rightly how you feel;
    For what you say and what you do,
    Inspiring me by being you!

    Thank you for finding the connectedness within to proactively reach out with warmth in a kind word to many. It really makes a difference, and inspired me to write the above because of your actions. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and you can see this poem now posted on it, too!
    – Randy


  4. Hello Ajoobacats,
    Thanks for all the blog likes! I meant to leave a message sooner but life is multifaceted. Good job with your reviews, and good luck with them too! Look forward to adding some to my reading list.

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  5. Thank you for the like on my recent opinion piece. Your site has a very nice presentation to it and I look forward to dropping by to find some good books to read.

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  6. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for visiting my blog! You are my first visitor so I owe you ๐Ÿ™‚ you have great reviews, looking forward to read more of your work ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  7. I myself suffer from OCD – it’s mainly obsessive thoughts. I do read a lot. It’s mainly controversial and revisionists works, something the average person would not touch.

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  8. Hi Babus,

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve just set up a site sort of like NetGalley
    where you can review free books online. It’s here to help self-published authors
    get a little more attention than they’re getting, but I hope it’ll do nice things for you too. Let’s see:
    – you can post your website in your profile so you can get some backlink love from Google
    – I’ll help tweet your reviews
    – you can make some coffee money by adding your Amazon Associates ID to the book reviews and get commissions
    on any purchases made through your reviews
    – …and it’s a new place to make a name for youself. Plus, I can imagine there’s a slight prestige in reviewing obscure books.
    Good reviewers will be loved on this site and if you’re into being loved, come check it out. If there are other benefits, things you,
    as a book blogger, are looking for, please let me know and I’ll see if I can build it into the site.
    Many thanks for taking the time to read this. The site is http://www.paperbackreviewer.com and you can sign up with your Twitter or FB account.
    Hope to see you on the site!

    Best regards,

    John Khoury


  9. Youโ€™re doing a great service hereโ€ฆ. my wifeโ€™s Francis is an indie author. Iโ€™ll give a plug for her book hereโ€ฆ why not?โ€ฆ Sheโ€™s written 4 novels, including the Crater Lake Seriesโ€ฆ The following link introduces the first in the series, Disappearing in Plain Sight . https://throughtheluminarylens.wordpress.com/2016/03/27/read-all-about-it-disappearing-in-plain-sight-for-free/ (she did a recent Amazon promo)

    I think her writing fits in well with your description of liking …”good psychological and literary thrillers that show a depth of understanding of human nature.” Please, do check it out.

    Cheers, from the Pacific west coast of Canada,,,,


  10. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog and liking a review. Any encouragement is very welcome. I’m new to blogging and I was amazed to see you’ve managed over 500 reviews. At my current rate I shall catch you up by about 2043!

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    1. Thank you, I honestly don’t keep count, I just read and blog. I register the books I have read on Goodreads to avoid picking up the same book again by mistake. Book blogs are very personal and reflect their authors, good luck with it all.

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  11. Just wanted to say thank you for liking my first post. I’m totally new to blogging and hopeless with technology, so still trying to work out how to do everything. Your blog is pretty amazing, you’re obviously an expert veteran. All the best and thanks again.

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  12. Hi!
    Thank you so much for checking out my blog, I just started and it means so much to me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your blog is beautiful, btw.

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  13. Shalom fellow OCD girl! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the like on my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just been checking out your blog – right away it’s so lovely with those gorgeous flowers! Nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

    You will be in my prayers for you to feel better and be healthy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also wanted to say – your cats are really beautiful. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And cool that you’re @goodreads – me, too, it’s fun and who doesn’t love sharing an opinion or two ๐Ÿ˜‰ – https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/47867259-chaya-cinnamon

    Hope you’re feeling much better today!


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      1. I used to get allergic symptoms when we first kept them, nothing serious, just sniffles really, but they’ve not bothered me for a while. I do get allergic reaction to long hair cats though.

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      2. That’s great it was just sniffles and now it doesn’t! I think some of the most beautiful cats are your Bengal cats and Persians. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad there are nice people like you who can have them and enjoy them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      3. Sorry it’s been so long – trying to catch up on my blog and replies! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
        I have seen a hairless cat on tv. I know the Creator made all, so I think each breed of cat is special. ๐Ÿ™‚


  14. Last year you reviewed my then most recent murder mystery called the Dance of Dimitrios. I have been struggling to move into Litury Fiction, with my recent publication, Goddess of The Rainbow – it’s not so easy changing genres- and I wondered if you might find time to review it. I can send you an eBook copy, if you agree,
    Best Regards,

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  15. Hi Babs…This is Erobo from medical school who relocated to the United States in 1999. It has been such a long time, and pleased to read that despite working through so many challenges, you continue to inspire others and use your talents in so many ways. I do not have any active social media handles, so kindly e-mail me when you can so I can provide contact information.


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