What makes a great whatever? Consistency. Whether you’re a best friend, teacher, spiritual healer or whatever. Consistency in your role is important. To remain consistent you have to take care of yourself. You need the rest, relaxation, restoration and recuperation. However, you lead by example and you persist.

Many people choose a primary roll in life or vocation. This often means that something becomes your priority. You love family, friends and the things you pursue outside the vocation but the vocation is front and foremost. It’s where you are most comfortable, productive and accepted.

This vocation can be a medical career, motherhood, teaching yoga, holistic healing or teaching. It can be anything. But, it’s important to know and accept the roll we have chosen. So when we choose multiple rolls we know where our priorities lie. There’s no judgment. This is about self-awareness.

We cannot promise weekly appointments in something we don’t feel is a must. If we cannot find our way onto the mat, into the treatment room every week, every planned day because a) we don’t feel like it, b) something, “more important”, has cropped up. We need to reflect on our commitment to the cause. Best intentions are all very well but if you cannot commit, you need more time to find your true purpose before you let down those who need the support you advertised.

Know yourself. Be true to yourself. Above all rest, relax, restore and recuperate. Find your true self.


  1. Some consistent people in my life are a pain in the ass. Is that my fault for tolerating it? Is consistent really the right word?


    1. I think people cannot be generalised as just being consistent to sum up who they are. The people who you find challenging are probably other things too, not least maybe not sharing your values. My post was about doing something with regularity to build a healthy habit. Not being a consistent pain in the ass to someone.


      1. I was speaking on the Idea of consistent. If something is consistent… It’s not necessarily good or bad… Consistent doesn’t mean healthy.


      2. Showing up to college or work consistently, or being there for your child is the context of my post. I wasn’t discussing the implications of the word consistent. I don’t have time to do that. I was sharing my experience of expectations placed upon me based on my life experience. I’m sorry I don’t have answers for you.


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