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I have committed to take a journey. Life, some say, is a journey, in which case I have opted to take a more scenic route. I am working with Rae Clarkson, founder and director, of Life Rehab to Liberation. What Rae does is challenging to put into words but I will try.

Rae helps, primarily women who are open to spiritual philosophies and practices to connect with their formative selves, to learn more about who they really are without assigned and imposed roles they were given as they went through life, which often results in disillusion and dissatisfaction.

We all have roles: wives, girlfriends, daughters, mothers, sisters, CEO, managers, team leaders, co-ordinaries, responsible adult in charge, carers, helpers etc, but who are we underneath that? Many of us find we aren’t happy or at ease with ourselves, it maybe referred to as stress, anxiety, depression, midlife crisis, but ultimately it’s a dis ease within us. Often leading us to question who are we and what do we really want from life? Are we leading the life we want? Or the life we were told we want? Do we even know what we want or like?

This may at first glance sound like something only a small number of unwell people struggle with but surprisingly these are questions that are found in the minds of many successful women in all walks of life. Women who have achieved much but still haven’t quite tapped into their potential to be happy and more fulfilled.

How she goes about this is tailored uniquely to the women she works with. With her wide array of knowledge in Shamanic energy medicine, clinical hypnotherapy, counselling, NLP and Kundalini Tantra yoga, Rae cracks the outer shell made of demands, expectations and resignation to what the outside world wants of us through to the inner person we all have, who can truly experience happiness and fulfilment.

I consider myself spiritual and open to alternative holistic practices, many of which are effective ways of self therapy we have somehow lost along the way in this age of technology. I have a degree in medicine from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London, yet many answers to my queries for better mental health are coming to me outside the sphere of clinical medicine.

I have discussed psychodynamic therapy on this blog before as I had group therapy for OCD, generalised anxiety disorder and depression back in 2012. I found many questions raised in therapy and although better for the interaction with people struggling with similar issues, there were few answers and little practical progress. I had group therapy for three and a half years, I’m grateful to the facilitator and other participants but the therapy did not provide solutions to the issues I was facing nor practically help me to work with myself.

With Rae, not only do you unearth questions within yourself with her guidance but you find real answers that were there all along but could not be seen.

Connecting us back to ourselves involves grounding in nature as well as facing fears and blocks placed within us. This journey is not comfortable, but it is enlightening and effective. It is intensive and hard work but something rewarding can only be found through honest self reflection and challenge.

Rae is an attentive, caring approachable and reactive coach who is there for you every step of the way. She’s your personal cheerleader as well as your coach and facilitator. As I typed this it made me smile, as a memory surfaced of ringing up the facility where I had group therapy and being told I couldn’t speak to the psychiatrist who lead my group therapy sessions and anything I was struggling with would have to wait 7 days until we met again. Whereas Rae is there at the end of a phone when you need guidance and support.

This type of therapy and approach is intimate and challenging, but if you’re struggling, it seems that something is missing or you’re haunted by issues of the past then I thoroughly recommend having a look at Life Rehab to Liberation.

Working with Rae is online with weekly meetings for review and healing sessions. It’s one to one and incredibly discreet. The first session I had was free and I realised the answers to many questions I was struggling with would be found through this process. I was ready to begin.

I’m halfway through this journey and I am already different, more introspective and productive. I’m laughing more. I’m supporting myself more in ways I need to and didn’t know how to. I unearth emotions I need to process to get closer to the ideal bigger picture every week. Lightbulb moments and revelations of issues that are at the root of why I’m feeling low or unsettled are gently unearthed with love and care.

To those thinking this one is for the bunny huggers, the courage needed to face your inner demons is immense, but the results will materialise sooner than you think. Changing our perspective on key points of our lives is very hard.

As I gather my thoughts and plans for this weeks work, I feel immense gratitude to be taking this journey with Rae. Happy Birthday you wise wonderful woman! 🎂

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