Can Love Die?

I think in my naivety I’ve continued to believe, well into adulthood that love cannot die. Like energy it transforms into something else. Like my marital love became a strongly founded friendship. The love I had for my mother persists in memories. But I still ponder can love die?

Various answers come to mind: if love dies it wasn’t love to begin with, love dies when indifference takes over, love can never die it’s eternal, true love can never die, love given freely cannot die, love is universal, love is more powerful than fire, love dies when trust and respect are no longer given.

I still maintain, despite all these ideas, love transforms. It remains intact, but becomes a different form if processed correctly. For example my love for my mother transforming to memories, because I grieved for her healthily. The love in a friendship that no longer remains converts to self love as you draw your boundaries, likewise when a relationship ends.

If you have a balanced viewpoint and an open heart, you feel gratitude for having the chance to experience something that brought you happiness and made you smile. Those are experiences and memories that are indelible. The ending of relationships are inevitably fraught; because of the time and emotional investment. Resentment arises because one party feels rejected. Or both parties feel they were treated unfairly.

No matter what the mechanics of the ending are, sadness prevails. In my experience I had actual heartache- no explainable medical cause. Just pain that was continuous and then only came on when I worked with my heart chakra. Kajari mudra still brings it on.

Love can transform into self-respect and strength if you direct it inwards to yourself. We are at the helm of emotions, in that although we have no choice but to experience them, we choose our destiny. We are in control of our actions. The buck stops with us.

I have been through many changes since I started this blog back in 2012. I continue to change from month to month, if you believe in non-duality, you will understand the concept we are all love, light, bliss and part of the cosmic energy. We are here to experience the polarity and drama of life, which means having your heart broken from time to time.


  1. Beautiful, thoughtful post-thank you for sharing ❤️

    I agree, love transforms over time and never actually goes away. I tend to think even couples who are actively resentful to each other still have love, it’s just hidden under layers of life.

    Great thoughts thanks again for sharing!

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