It’s been a while since I write about how I got on with tackling my driving anxiety. I had some hypnosis to aid me months back and some EMDR to tackle anxiety and the root causes in general. Since then I have been avoiding being behind the wheel. I felt under immense pressure for the intervention to work and as a result avoided testing the results.

However, avoidance only goes so far and I found myself in a situation where I had to take myself to Pilates yesterday as my husband was working. I felt the familiar waves of anxiety from the week prior when I learned I’d have to either drive or arrange transportation.

The venue is only 1.2 miles away and the thought of arranging an Uber for this journey seemed ridiculous. So putting thoughts of all the possible hurdles the journey may have out of my mind I tried to visualise each junction with the best outcome.

I did things all day to relax myself and when the time came to leave, I slowed my thoughts down and felt, surprisingly, calm. Once I headed off I actually enjoyed being in control of the car and eased off on pressuring myself, resulting in a pleasant drive even though the traffic was moderate. Having never driven to the venue myself before, I missed the turning and had to turn around and come back, which would have caused my anxiety to spike normally, but I took it in good humour and still got there in time.

Driving back in the dark was a pleasure too; the traffic was light and I felt pleasantly nostalgic about when I used to drive around more regularly. I even reversed the car up our sloping driveway as I need to drive myself again tomorrow.

I’m convinced my more pleasant and relaxed experience of driving is a direct result of the work I did with the therapist. I look forward to more confidence building trips by myself.