Summer: When My Reading Rate Declines #bookbloggers #blog

Every summer, when the weather is better and the temperature rises, my reading rate declines. I put it down to being distracted by other things although when this happens annually, different things distract me. One year I was distracted by games, another I was distracted by illness. This year I’m trying hard to battle my anxiety by being more physically active. I don’t set a goal for how many books I read a week, month or year.

Last year I had the biggest break, I didn’t read any books between May and September. Extraordinarily enough last year was also the year I read the most books. So maybe the break is good and I should go with the flow when it comes to reading. After all I’m not in any competition over how many books I read. I read because I enjoy it and if it isn’t what I need right now, it’s not an issue.

However, when I look back at my total number of books read over last month, fourteen, I feel guilty, although I have no idea what I’m guilty of; having other interests or doing other things? In May I read thirty-four books. I didn’t feel particularly elated about it so why should my fourteen books in June give me a negative emotion?

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