​This true crime account of the Columbine High School shooting by mother of one of the shooters, Sue Klebold is probably the most difficult book I will read this year. It was hard reading how life as they had known it changed irreparably for the Klebold family whilst they came to terms with the loss of their youngest son, Dylan. 

Whatever preconceptions and judgments emerged over this horrific event nothing can even begin to rival what this family went through and despite finding this hard to read because of the true life aspect of the subject matter I also came away with hope and felt inspired by the strength Sue shows through the worst nightmare a parent could have.

As well as sharing entries from her diary, Sue educates by giving us a lot of information about teen mental health and suicide prevention. As horrific as the Columbine High School shooting was, it led to a deeper understanding of bullying in schools and was a gateway to many school policies we take for granted today, eighteen years later. 

A moving and inspirational book about a tragedy that shook parents everywhere.

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