Back to Slimming World

I took a break from Slimming World for a couple of years and gained back all the weight I lost in my two years of membership. During my weight gain I felt ill as a number of health issues exacerbated, but I made myself so restricted I was not enjoying food and really needed to address my deeper issues with food. 

This year I restarted the Slimming World plan and lost 5lb in my first week. Keeping an accurate food diary has been instrumental and is actually a good use of my attention to detail, but the biggest hurdle I have overcome is accepting I do not need to eat the foods I craved in the past. In reality, we need few calories to function but eating well means having a good knowledge of ourselves as much as being informed about the food available to us.

It’s different this time round as I don’t feel restricted and I feel much more comfortable about saying I’m not hungry and not limiting my life by not eating out or occasionally choosing food I enjoy. As is usually the case if I abandon Slimming World so does my husband, and going back on plan is something we both did this January. 

I am amazed by how quickly I seem to be losing the weight this time round and at two weeks on plan I am looking at losing my first 7 lbs, that’s my half stone milestone, tomorrow. The key this time is to not get bored and allow my food choices to feel restrictive, as well as allowing myself to enjoy life as I lose weight. 

I look forward to bringing my regular weight loss progress to my blog. 


  1. Well done! I find is so hard to stay motivated when eating healthy – I’d chose crisps over a piece of fruit – which is awful!

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    1. I think sticking to a healthy diet is about feeling ok to eat the crisps some days and the fruit others. I love Pringles and I can’t see myself never having any.


      1. Try the campfire stew on my blog, its more putting everything in a pot than proper cooking but a great slowncooker recipe

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