#BookReview The Girl Before by JP Delaney #psychological #thriller

1 Folgarth Street is a minimalist technology ridden monument that the residents of the street hate and the very discerning architect and landlord, rarely leases out to, whom he considers worthy tenants. This psychological thriller tells the story of two women, Emma, a previous tenant and Jane, a prospective tenant of 1 Folgarth Street. As both women pursue their applications to live in the property after major life events and are approved the lease, which comes with a list of 200 rules, affects them in ways that seem to mirror each other, but in a game of many potential pitfalls, who will be the one standing.

This highly publicised psychological thriller is apparently going to have the Hollywood treatment by Ron Howard and although I could see it coming to the screens as more than a passable thriller as a thriller book it didn’t impact on me as strongly as I hoped it would. This may have been due to the two protagonists Emma and Jane not being convincingly the damsel in distress you would feel sorry for and the complex nature of all the characters in the book diluting the surprises of the twists and turns that the plot took.

I didn’t dislike the book, it was a reasonably gripping thriller but it wasn’t the breathtaking affair I hoped it would be.

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