Just after the American Civil War, Sethe lives with her daughter Denver in a house away from everyone, but they are not alone. When Paul D arrives and sees Sethe for the first time in eighteen years he has his own baggage, but nothing prepares him for the secrets and events that befell Sethe. As he stays around mother and daughter the past has a way of coming to mind for Sethe and Paul D, but when they encounter a young stranger things seem to get more intense.

Although this acclaimed work of literary fiction is centered around the theme of civil rights, the horror within the book evoked a visceral reaction in me and I found the book difficult to put aside but equally difficult to read in long sittings. Not a book that I will easily forget, Beloved is a must read but one that requires a fair amount of emotional resilience.

Dealing with difficult themes like torture, lynching and infanticide this is a memorable read, but one that pulls no punches.

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