(Possibly) Last Blog Post of 2016

This year has seen a modicum of uncertainty that my previous years as a blogger did not encounter. This has been largely due to my worsening physical health, which has been seen in the fewer books I have read this year, 210 as opposed to 235 last year. Even as I write this post I am aware 24 hours ago I was quite ill and couldn’t finish the book I had scheduled to review before 9 a.m.yesterday. I also haven’t been able to engage social media or the blogging community as much as I would have liked but I have immensely enjoyed reading the various blogs I have felt up to this year.

In the event I am unable to post a book review between now and New Years Day, I thought 2 a.m. on 31st December 2016, was a good a time as any to write a little insurance post, so as not to let the ending of 2016 and my four year blogging anniversary go unmarked.

I am seeing the year out with my husband who will be unusually home to share the evening TV line up with me. Our days of raucous partying was over years ago. More likely than not it’ll be green tea and mint Matchmakers with a cat each on our laps, which suits us both fine.

Despite the celebrity losses, Brexit, and various disappointments I have shared with my fellow man, it has overall been a good year for me. I discovered two things I thought I had lost: happiness and gratitude. I think it virtually impossible to have one without the other and as I go blindly into the abyss that is 2017 I do so with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for everything. 

The year will start with my fast approaching appointment with transplant assessment clinic, which on paper sounds like quite a tiring day of medical scrutiny. I was hoping not to think about this so soon, but any illusions of further delay were extinguished when an appointment letter arrived a couple of days ago. My OCD and resulting competitiveness will mean I will be attending as if competing in exams of yesteryear, but I’m not sure I want to win any prizes in these tests.

I’m hoping I learn to take it at a pace that allows me to keep going next year and do all that I plan to do. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! 


  1. Happy New Year! Stay positive and good luck with all your plans! I wish you good health and a lot of reasons to laugh this year 🙂

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