A killer taunts the police in London after murdering three women at 1 am on consecutive Sundays. Dubbed The Advent Killer by the media can acting DCI Antonia Hawkins stop the death toll mounting before tarnishing her promising career?
There are reasons why I tend to be less enthusiastic than I used to be about crime thrillers. Unless it’s really something out of the ordinary these serial killer crime fiction books become much of muchness. In this case I had successfully guessed who the killer was quite early on and found the journey to his detention meandering and laboured rather than gripping and suspenseful.

Even DCI Hawkins political power play with her bosses failed to intrigue but I kept reading anyway hoping there would be something that turned the tide for me in the book, which unfortunately didn’t happen.

The Advent Killer for me was not a bad read but was not a particularly memorable one in its genre.

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