Advance #BookReview The Watcher by Ross Armstrong #Thriller

​An avid bird watcher, Lily lives in a new build of flats on the site of a slowly dismantling council estate. Lily is not just watching birds but seems to be an intuitive people watcher. As is usual in London she doesn’t know her neighbours by name but she has assigned them personalities and names based on her observation. When Lily catches a glimpse of something that looks like an assault, she cannot let it go, but wanders unwittingly into the crosshairs of a killer. 

The narrative in this thriller is fishy to say the least from the beginning and I felt a sense of deception or delusion straightaway from Lily. However, as I read on it became harder to distinguish what was perceived and what was real in Lily’s world. I found Lily, nonetheless a compelling and edgy character and it was partially my attachment to her and finding the culprit in the whodunit that kept me turning pages to the end.

My biggest bugbear of this read was the pace which I found slow in places and together with an unreliable narrator made puzzling reading from time to time. However, my overall admiration for the book prevails as a tale intriguingly told.

This book will be available for purchase from 29th December 2016.
Links To Book:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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