#BookReview Beautiful To The Bone by PG Lengsfelder #literaryfiction

​Eunis is born albino and has a birthmark on her face. Since as early as she can remember her appearance has caused her mother, siblings and virtually all who see her to recoil in disgust and fear. Eunis’s experiences scar her and lead her to try to quantify beauty, to understand why someone is attractive. Her question takes her from the American Mid-West to New York taking jobs that no one would particularly want to do. But the road to find answers is treacherous and full of heartache, especially for Eunis and her sensitive abilities.

The contrasting themes of scientific quantification of beauty, it’s existence evidenced in genealogy and DNA and Eunis’s supernatural perceptive skills clash in this powerful and heartbreaking story of a young girl facing discrimination and derision from those who should have protected her.

There were so many places I wanted to stop reading this as I was so moved and or appalled for Eunis but in the end I had to see the story to the end and I’m glad I did. Not an easy or light read, this one is demanding in many ways but I won’t be forgetting Eunis in the near future.

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