#BookReview The Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards #Thriller

​Sophie returns to work after her daughter is four years old. She has her dream job with children’s book publisher, Jackdaw Books, but the job is tainted by what happened to Sophie at University, something she has kept from coming to mind for fifteen years. Is her new job everything she hoped for, or are darker forces at play looking for revenge?

This psychological thriller was a joy to read and a very polished novel in terms of its editing and the rate of the plot. Parts that were supposed to be atmospherically creepy and suspenseful were so without feeling rushed and the speed of the story didn’t noticeably vary.

I was particularly impressed with reference to earlier work seamlessly slotted into the novel, as an avid reader of Mark Edwards’ books, this was a treat. Also reference to the book in the story whilst I was reading it was very clever and intriguing indeed.

Definitely within the top ten thrillers of my 2016, I highly recommend this dark psychological thriller that will inevitably keep you up at night. This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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