#BookReview The Stepmother by Claire Seeber

When Jean meets her Prince Charming and they decide to marry, it’s not his first marriage and there are the children to consider, his twins and her son. Despite the challenges, Jean can’t believe her luck, until she moves in and everyday life starts with the Kings-her husband, his children and his ex-wife.

As clever as the intrigue aspect of this book is, I could barely stop myself from finding Jean a total drip. I’m not one to get turned off by flawed or damaged characters but I had to take the aspect of the story where a woman with previous poor relationship experience, who has been a single mum, decides marrying someone she barely knows is a good idea. 

That aside, once she has made the decision, when she isn’t quite getting on with one of the children, chooses to ignore caution and move into the old family home anyway, taking her university age son with her. 

Anyway, these misgivings aside, it came as no surprise to me that this wasn’t going to have a fairy tale ending in fact reading about the marriage and how it turned sour was not entirely unpredictable. However, what managed to redeem the story for me was the real bombshell of what was going on in this dysfunctional and broken family before Jean came along with her naivety and gullibility. 

By the time the book wraps up, you have to hand it to the author, well played!

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