I really loved this Anne Tyler’s retelling of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. The story was made exceptional, in my opinion, by Tyler’s depiction of Kate Battista, a loner and contrary young lady who lives with her father and younger sister for whom she keeps house. Her father, Dr Louis Battista is a researcher of autoimmune diseases and his valued assistant, Pyotr, has two months to go until his visa to stay in the U.S. runs out.

Dr Battista in fear of losing a prized scientist from his team decides to lobby a reluctant Kate to consider marrying him to counter his immigration issues. Pyotr is both awkward and invoked much fondness in this story, which is skilfully comical and light-hearted but does not lack emotion and affection in the characters.

Considering how short the book really is, a lot happens and there’s real heart in this retelling. I don’t pick up, “retelling of,” books at all but was pleasantly surprised, amused and touched by this one.

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