Advance Book Review: Play Dead (DI Kim Stone Book 4) by Angela Marsons

I totally loved this fourth book in the DI Kim Stone crime thriller series, where Kim and her team once again find a gruesome case of murders to solve. This time a visit to a body farm ends up revealing more than they expected as Kim finds a body that should not be there.

Just as they begin to gather clues about the dead woman another body is found, but this woman was murdered years ago. The ritual killing of these women takes Kim on a journey she’s familiar with and leads to a ruthless killer.

Just when I thought crime thrillers were getting a bit too predictable and old hat, another DI Kim Stone book comes along. I enjoy reading this series because I think there’s a lot more to find out about Kim’s past, of which we are given a few glimpses in each book. There’s also much Kim needs to do to allow other people in to help her and if she ever will is also compulsive reading.

With such a gripping protagonist to begin with the cases she follows only heighten my pleasure of reading when a new DI Kim Stone book comes along. Like the others, this book can be read as a stand alone but in my experience it’s definitely more entertaining and it makes better sense to read all four books in order.

Another gripping crime thriller from one of my favourite authors and this one will keep you up at night turning pages. This book is due for release tomorrow, 20 May 2016.

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  1. Your reviews are great! Unfortunately because of my OCD and PTSD I can’t read crime thrillers as I get too frightened. For some reason reading about a murder on the page has a much greater impact on me than it does seeing it on TV. I get really terrified and think it is going to happen to me. It just shows that in this world of TV and youtube and social media a book can be more powerful!

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    1. Thank you, I think I’ve become immune from years of reading crime and horror. Crime doesn’t freak me out but reading horror alone in the dark does scare me.


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