Hitting The Jackpot

I don’t often win stuff and the time of my life where I needed validation and praise is mostly behind me, so I was surprised and delighted to have won a book, had part of a review I wrote quoted in a printed book and was told I excelled at tolerating and benefiting from CPAP.

I entered a competition run by Holly, on her blog Bookaholic Confessions, to win a paperback copy of While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green. I was delighted to be told I won and have already received the book by post. Thank you Holly and Quercus.

I was honoured when a publicist contacted me about a review I wrote for My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry, part of which may be quoted on a print edition of the book. It’s always very humbling when I say something about a book that resonates with someone else, but for something I wrote to inadvertently have some sort of commercial value is very flattering indeed. Of course, the credit should go to the author who inspired me to say something worthwhile.

My two week CPAP trial was up and I took my machine and various sleep questionnaires back to the Sleep and Lung Function Clinic, so that they could collate data from the SD card in my machine to see how I’ve been faring.

I had to wear a pulse oximeter for the last night of the trial and was told that I tolerated the mask and pressure well and am desaturating significantly less overnight. My oxygen saturation is still dodgy (technical term) at times when I’m sleeping but I have an appointment to discuss this with a respiratory physician next month.

In the meantime the trial has been extended to allow me to keep the equipment until I have spoken to the consultant I see at sleep clinic to officially sign me onto keeping the CPAP long term. I haven’t heard at all (yay!) From the pulmonary vascular unit that insisted I go on CPAP and look forward to taking my time and regaling the Pulmonary Hypertension doctors about my CPAP adventures.

Not used to much out of my very familiar ordinary life, I feel elated (probably because I’m sleeping better) for the highs this week. It’s not exactly winning the lottery but it’s a great week.



  1. Since book reviews are a dime a dozen, and well, you know what they say about opinions, that is fantastic news! Super cool and congrats! Writing something distinct enough to stand out and alone, as well as common enough that other readers felt the same way is unique – very cool!

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    1. Thank you. I have only been quoted on a print book once before and I was totally surprised then too. I think that’s it for the next two years, as these things happen to me, at least, infrequently.

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  2. I’ve been away from blogging and had no idea you had all these things going on. I’m so happy to hear you are getting rest. I haven’t been sleeping well for the past month and it is due to a variety of anxieties, although I feel more rested today.
    Now having something you’ve said quoted and printed on a book is just fantastic. As someone who never wins anything, not even a scratchie, 🙂 I’m so excited for you to be rewarded for all the wonderful and thoughtful reviews you write. Hugs.

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    1. Thank you 😀 I usually don’t win anything either. I wouldn’t have chosen a CPAP machine for my birthday but I can’t deny I sleep better with it. I see the respiratory consultant on 9/06, hopefully he’ll agree and let me continue with the machine long term. I feel spoilt as reading all these great books is a privilege in itself and now I’m going to be quoted too.

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      1. I feel the same way with the books. How wonderful though when you are rewarded so beautifully for your insight. Completely deserving.

        I think I spend too much time writing my reviews but I like writing well and making it worthwhile because the author has given me such brilliant writing, er, well, usually.

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      2. I try not to dwell too long on writing reviews because there’s a good chance of me over-analysing and not being able to come up with anything. I try to keep it simple and write reviews that will jog my memory of the book in future. I have become insanely selective about what I will read and accept for review though.

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  3. Sounds like an excellent week! Great to be quoted on someone’s book cover! I would love for that to happen. Very exciting that somebody reads our bits we put out there! Happy Continued Sleeping!


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