Book Review: The Missing by CL Taylor

Claire Wilkinson and her husband Mark are to make another television plea about their missing 15 year old son, Billy. Billy has been gone for six months and there has been no news of him and they hope this fresh plea will jog someone’s memory. However, inactivity in finding Billy drives Claire to find her own leads as to what may have happened to Billy, which just shows her that there are many secrets within her family.

What drove me to keep turning the pages of this psychological thriller was my growing curiosity about Billy, who he was and what happened to him. The book centers on Claire, who also suffers from periodic fugues, which makes her somewhat unreliable as a narrator but also gives the suspense in this story an added edge. We get to learn about each family member as we try to unravel what happened leading to Billy’s disappearance.

It’s easy to read Claire as she is ultimately likeable and she seems to be learning about Billy at the same rate as we are as readers. Between the chapters of Claire’s story there are snippets of text messages between supposedly Billy and someone else, which adds to the overall intrigue and fills some of the void of what was happening in the family before Billy disappeared.

A gripping read and one that kept me enthralled until the very end.

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  1. This really sounds good!! I’m still not getting your posts via email. I’m seriously going to have to find out what’s up with that. Thanks for reviewing this book for us. ( :

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