Getting back To My Books

Four days, three hospital appointments, one GP visit, diabetic eye screening, eye test, weekly afternoon group therapy, and three nights of CPAP so far and I can’t deny I am worn out. It was nice to be out and about but getting used to my CPAP mask is still a work in progress. The junior doctors’ strike had no effect on my appointments and it was nice to show support to those picketing. 

I have new medication taking my morning pills to ten different preparations and a total of fourteen tablets, three in the evening and two at night. All things considered these pills although numerous are keeping me well and I have repeat prescriptions and daily medications artfully reduced to a clockwork exercise.

I lost the extended debate with my husband about carrying a mobile and despite the fact I have not had a mobile for over a year, possibly two, I have to now start carrying one. I don’t have many people to call but the phone will be there on my person for emergencies, particularly now that I drive around alone. My carefree, non-contactable moments will now be severely limited, but not too limited as I will steam ahead through my review requests.

So overall the week has seen me net new glasses, a CPAP machine and a new iPhone, making me excited about my new gadgets, tired from a lack of sleep and behind in my reading, well, not actually behind, just not as ahead as I would like to be. Here’s hoping this weekend is sedate and accommodating to my extended reading hours. 


  1. Love the new glasses!! ๐Ÿ˜€ But I may be a tad biased. They’re my favourite type of frame :3

    Hopefully you can get some rest soon! I haven’t been feeling well, physically, myself & work has been harsh this week. So I totally understand exhaustion. โ™กโ™ก

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    1. Thank you, you need time to regenerate for sure. I am sleeping better with the mask on, but I could do with a couple of days where I only do adult colouring and don’t need to make decisions.

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  2. Glad you’re on track with medications and new glasses, which look great by the way. I think the iPhone will come in handy for you. I have one and I love it. It can be distracting if you’re not disciplined, but it is definitely a plus for emergencies. I wasn’t getting your posts for a while and so I headed over to your blog to see what happened. Looks like I was signed out of WordPress and maybe that’s why?? Nevertheless, I’m signed back in and look forward to hearing from you. ( :

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    1. I’m going with the flow and adapting to the iPhone, although it is quite the chore making sure its charged up and remembering to drop it in my handbag when I leave home. Glad you’re signed in again, I’m hoping to get back into my groove with my reading after so many interruptions of late.


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