Book Review: The Ghost Tree by Sara Bain

This is the second part of a trilogy of books and I have not read the first book in the series, but I understand Prendergast and Libby are recurring characters and Kie is an important new character in this book as he buys the property situated on The Ring, which is the focus of alleged paranormal activity that is affecting Kie and anyone who stays in his home. Despite initial resistance to accept something paranormal might be happening Kie does open his mind to allow investigation by parapsycologists to get to the bottom of some bizarre and violent activity.

The focus of the book and the bane of Kid’s life are the unexplained disturbances that are preventing him from getting on with his plans. It’s definitely very spooky reading about the paranormal activity and the ensuing theories did send a chill up by back. However, for me the simmering romance between Libby and Kie, which is very are they or aren’t they getting involved just seemed to come about too easily as Kie has been involved for the pas t three years with another woman whom he sleeps with after meeting Libby and Libby is strongly procrastinating and trying to avoid a relationship whilst being very proprietary about Kie.

I admit I’m not a fan of romance reads and although not exactly cringeworthy, I did find the to-and-fro between Libby and Kie a bit tedious. The book slowed somewhat around the halfway mark and then picked up as I reached the last forty percent of the book. My hopes of getting to the bottom of the alleged and vastly becoming undoubtedly poltergiest activity picked up as a medium stepped into the situation and we finally focus on the possibility of the disappearance of a local boy being related to the paranormal disturbances and the story picks up speed again. It is this last quarter of the book I found totally gripping.

After reading The Ghost Tree I really want to read the first book in the trilogy and am impatient for the concluding part.

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