Book Review: Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

After the death of her husband Claire finds a number of disturbing videos on his computer, which horrify her and lead her on a trail that takes her well back into the past when her sister Julia had disappeared. Teaming up with estranged older sister, Lydia they delve into Paul’s hidden life and rediscover themselves as well as the truth that has been hidden for so long.

I found the first half of this thriller harder to get into than the other Karin Slaughter books I have read (I have read them all), and the pace didn’t really get going for me until I was 52% in. The second half of the book is utterly gripping and threw a number of curve balls that I didn’t expect, ending in the chilling style of what we have come to expect from Karin Slaughter.

The book ends on a powerfully emotional note the depth of which surprised me even though I have been an avid Karin Slaughter reader for about a decade. A truly gruesome but also touching read that stays with you for all the right reasons.

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