Ever since the first day of October, I have been keenly tuned to pick up horror book recommendations. I find when I put out a blanket request for horror recommendations I get a list of books which are great, but old, when I want to read new ideas and plots from different authors.

Running a Google search of Top Horror Reads 2015, brought me to this article in Paste Magazine, which again does contain some very good reads but not many current ones.

I would not dare to knock the institution of Stephen King or Clive Barker, but I would like to experience a broader spectrum of horror reads, preferably without vampires and werewolves.

My first port of call was Goodreads, where there is already a section to vote for your favourite horror.


Looking through this list I have only read one of the books that are receiving votes, Twisted by Andrew E. Kaufman. So I went through the list and randomly picked three books to read. I hope using this list for recommendations allows me to confidently vote on books in the horror genre this year. My choices were limited by the fact that a number of the books on this list are surprisingly not available on Kindle.

I hope to bring a number of horror reviews here leading up to Halloween, and officially declare Halloween season open on this blog. I didn’t realise until I started browsing nust how much I have neglected this genre. If you have discovered any horror reads you think I must absolutely read (please no vampires and or werewolves), I’d be delighted to hear from you.