Book Review: The Father’s House by Larche Davies

Lucy is fourteen and has been brought up in a religious sect that worships a deity they call Magnifico. She lives in the house of one of the fathers and has been raised by Aunt Sarah. The sect have many rules but one of the key ones is that women are only for breeding, child rearing and domestic chores. The sect infiltrates into the world at large and as Lucy learns the truth about the sect from David and Dorothy, other children of the sect, she loses her faith. Ultimately rivalry between two of the fathers results in a catastrophic house fire, giving Lucy the opportunity to get away, but can she save her friends?

An interesting read about what politics goes on inside a cult as opposed to contrasting cult ways with usual life. I found it compelling reading as Lucy becomes aware of her reality and more questions arise in her mind about the world she has been brought up in. The sinister undertone of the fathers and those in power in the sect give this book a chilling edge.

Links to Book:
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