Book Review: A Man Of Some Repute (A Very English Mystery Book 1) by Elizabeth Edmondson

Set in post-World War II England, this cosy mystery sees Hugo Hawksworth relegated to a desk job after he was shot and injured in the war. Reluctantly, he takes up a post at Selchester Castle in the town of Selchester, where he meets Lady Freya, niece of the Earl of Selchester.

The Earl of Selchester disappeared under mysterious circumstances seven years prior and as luck would have it a body is found in the castle’s Great Chapel while Hugo and his sister Georgia are lodged there.

Realising he was briefly acquainted to Lord Alringham, the Earls late son, who was killed during the war, Hugo feels it a huge miscarriage of justice when the police suspect Lord Alringham and Freya of foul play after the body is unearthed. Using his investigative skill and the resources available to him, Hugo tries to price together what happened the night the Earl disappeared seven years ago.

This absolutely charming cosy mystery was well supported by a cast of very strong characters, who seemed almost effortlessly written by an inspired writer. Even Lady Freya’s taciturn piebald, Last Hurrah, was oozing personality and coming to life off the page as I read this. I particularly enjoyed the humorous sibling relationship between Hugo and Georgia.

This whodunit was worth the wait to find out what happened to Earl Selchester and is probably the best cozy mystery I have read this year.

This book is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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