Book Review: Unfortunately Human by Ryan Haynes

This compellingly unusual book written in the first person and present tense and is a journal of a struggling comedian in LA, who finds himself suffering from a progressively debilitating condition affecting his head and neck and ultimately his ability to move. The effects on his life are devastating, but with sheer grit he deals with losing what little he has to gain control of his life and future.

I found this book well written and was mesmerised by the narrative. I was totally absorbed in the plight of our protagonist and found myself drawn deeper and deeper into his story and rooting for him. The book avoids medical jargon and focuses on the individual’s struggle to do basic things and live within a society that is obsessed with outward appearances.

This book may not be to everyone’s taste but there was something about this underdog that resonated with me and I could not put it down. I could criticise aspects of this book and say it needed some editing but the version I read felt authentic and I could put myself in the shoes of this unfortunate individual, who is dealt a bad hand.

Links to Book:
Amazon UK
Amazon US



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