Standing alone and being alone is not a bad thing and solitude has a peace you will come to love.
Isolation should be used in moderation for self-reflection and meditation, never as a punishment.
Denial is an expensive luxury you cannot afford.
Inaccuracy is a common currency, you want to avoid.
Sincerity is a priceless commodity, insincerity is obvious, vulgar and tacky, choose wisely and don’t follow the examples you see.
Truth is flexible, not as absolute to other people as it seems to you.
Love is not, and nor is it required to be, reciprocal.
Karma is far from the only bitch you will meet, unfortunately.
Family can also be opaque, elusive, incomprehensible and transitional.
Don’t stick around people who try to or make you feel bad about yourself, your choices and your life.
If they can’t see the fault in their own behaviour, it’s not your problem, step away to preserve your peace.
Giving more than you get is an opportunity you should never pass up, but save what you need to function.
Your cats will teach you to care about something other than yourself, your wealth and your future.
Your pain, physical and emotional, is inspirational to those who love you and those who hate you, but the energy needed and generated to either love or hate, is theirs not yours.
When the self-proclaimed pious are judgmental, don’t forget who they bow to is your God too and his/hers is the only judgment that matters both right now and ultimately.
Religion, laws, conscience, compulsions, rules and  morality will seem to only  apply to you, in the strictest sense, everyone else will seem free to do what they damn well please, but make choices you want to live with.
Only one person you meet in a whole lifetime will even come close to understanding you, if you’re lucky, but that one person is all you need.
Things may not go to plan, but you will still be happy.