I was humbled and delighted to find I had been ‘tagged’ to answer eleven questions. Thank you Geoffrey Valentine at  High Tea Dreams for nominating me to do this. I enjoy reading your reviews very much. 

1 How long have you been a blogger?

Since December 2012, just over two and a half years and it has been a pleasure to learn and do something new.

2 At what point do you think you will stop? 

When I am no longer able to read books and type! 

3 What is the best thing?

Reading reviews of books I have read from kindred book bloggers.

4 What is the worst thing? 

Finding a book that isn’t for me. I would ideally like to love every book I read.

5 How long does it take you to find/create pictures for your post? 

A few minutes, I screen shot covers for my book review posts and look for stock photos for anything else. 

6 Who is your book crush? 

It’s been a while but my last book crush was Ben Hope from the Scot Mariani books. I love a deep, moody and capable hero and am willing to overlook the smoking as he’s only on paper.

7 What author would you like to have on your blog? 

I still get incredibly starstruck when an author contacts me after I have written a review about their book and that often leads to total mental block and I end up responding with the most nerdy cringeworthy tweet or comment. I would love to have Tess Gerritsen on my blog. 

8 What do you wear when you write your blog posts? 

Usually a couple of cats on my lap!! But seriously something comfy and light I can do a few yoga poses in. 

9 How long does it take you to prepare? 

Minutes. I like to capture my feelings on a book after I’ve reached the last page and express what lasting impression I have of the book. If I have read something that has been particularly affecting I may choose to sleep on it before writing a review, but that is very rare. My reviews appear, on average, within 15 minutes of my finishing a book 

10 How do you feel about the book/blogger community/culture? 

I love it. I spend more time reading and finding blogs than writing them which suits me fine. 

11 What do you think one should do to get a successful blog? 

Success is extremely subjective but I think keeping at it and posting frequently is imperative to being a blogger.

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