The Little Princess Trust: My Hair Donation.

Mid-April 2015, I decided to cut my hair short for a very worthy cause. My hair has been long for most of the four decades of my life and I needed a change. I heard about The Little Princess Trust from Beena Chauhan, owner of Beena’s Beauty Therapy and Male Grooming  based in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, UK. The charity accepts hair donations (and much needed money!) to make real hair wigs for children, in the UK and Ireland, who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. Beena does not routinely style or cut hair, so I was delighted and grateful when she volunteered to cut my hair to the shortest length it has been in four decades.


The very basic requirements to donate hair to The Little Princess Trust are:

*Hair must be a natural colour
*Length of donated hair must be a minimum of 7.5 inches
*Grey Hair must NOT exceed more than 10% of hair donated

Please see The Little Princess Trust website for more information on how to send a hair or a currency donation. The charity, although based in the UK does accept donations internationally.


I found going short liberating and am very happy with my subsequent style, thank you Beena Beauty Therapy and Male Grooming or helping me support such a worthy cause.


It takes about six weeks for appropriately sent hair donations to be processed and I am delighted my hair has been useful to someone who really needs it.



  1. How wonderful of you! You look great with short hair, too. My daughter (who is 10) decided to do this last fall; she had very long hair and cut it short to a bob. Here in the US we have Locks of Love, which is a similar charity, and they require at least 10 inches. Such a wonderful cause!


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