Book Review: The Elite (The Selection Book 2) by Keira Cass

The second book in The Selection Series sees the remaining six hopefuls out of thirty-five continue to fight for Maxons time, attention and affection. With more shock eliminations than Big Brother the competition reaches fever pitch, while we learn more about the elusive kingdom of Illea.

As America Singer is torn between her past and present, with each event in her courtship with the Prince bringing her mixed emotions and confusion. Will she be able to choose who she really wants to be with? Probably the most exasperating aspect of the story is her dithering between two men, but hey, people do have exasperating love-lives and we are talking about a socially isolated seventeen year old, so I could totally get on board with America’s dilemma, even if I found it getting on my nerves at times.

Still a compelling story and one of which I am eager to read the conclusion.

Links to Book:
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    1. I’ve been debating pre-ordering The Heir, but then got distracted with the novellas and ended up buying The Prince, just because I can’t bear to read a new cast of characters without finishing all there is out there about Maxon and co.


      1. I have read everything for the series, and in truth there will be the old characters still, just a bunch of new ones too! I didn’t pre-order The Heir, but i will be there at store opening to buy it at Barnes and Noble. I have hoarded my christmas money for this.

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      2. I buy some books on ereader, mostly romance. Most books I buy in hand because it makes it that much more personal. I love the feelings of turning a page. I own over 400 in hand books. I love my library.

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      3. Lol all of my books are up high so my dog doesn’t get them, she got one once and I’ve learned my lesson. But I love in hand books because when I meet the author they can autograph it. But both ways are wonderful. Ebooks are SO much cheaper!

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      4. I have had a load of shredded books, my cats are jumpers, climbers and I think they resent the attention being diverted from them when I’m reading. So far the ereader has been safe.

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