Book Review: Old Bones by Ian Roberts

This historical fiction is set in the early 19th century recounting the rise of Oswald Moseley’s fascist movement as the backdrop to the story of the minorities who inhabited East London at the time. Ian Roberts is well versed on the history and is a consummate storyteller who brings characters from different walks of life together in this enthralling read.

As much as I enjoyed reading Old Bones, I think it could have been even better with a proofread and decent editing, which would have done this marvellous piece of work more justice.

Old Bones is available to read for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

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    1. Yes self-published and I’m no historian of any sort but the book is set pre-WW2. Very interesting reading and definitely something to entertain whilst we are surrounded by election fever.


      1. As I recall it from my reading–no, I wasn’t there!–Moseley tapped into traditional British antisemitism, and his movement organized during the late 1920s, picked up steam in the early 1930s. But once Germany’s intentions became clear to all but the most simple-minded, Moseley and his crowd became pariahs in England.

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      2. Yes that’s pretty much the historical background in this book, the diverse communities in the Eastend of London are the prevailing antagonists in this account. I am cynical that his movement was scuppered so swiftly and so absolutely.


      3. When Hitler invaded Poland, it became instantly unfashionable to be a Nazi sympathizer–although, right up to that point, many in the British upper class were quite happy to play footsie with the Nazis.

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