Do I have to conform to a foreign culture?

The Self-help Diary

I find it so insulting to come across sheer bigotry. It makes me want to puke sometimes. During a discussion about culture and immigration, some girl said that, “if you immigrated from another country, then you should not complain. Do what those people there expect from you and you won’t have to complain anymore.”

This was such a ridiculous statement laden with idiocy that filled me with the urge to slap her one. And this girl just happened to be the third generation of her immigrant family. I’m not angry or bitter with her per say, but with her words. It was an intricate statement to make because culture isn’t something so easily explained, there is oppression and politics weaved into that make the subject of culture such a problematic topic.

At what point do we expect someone do conform to particular standards of a society? Is there such a…

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