Book Review: Wings To Redemption by Paul H. Landers and K Rogers

Alex Boudreau is highly trained and skilled in the art of espionage. When Alex is called out of retirement to be an operative in one last heist of information, the job proves to be not just emotionally challenging but morally imposing too. The personal repercussions of stumbling over classified genetic research that could lead to genocide is beyond anything Alex could imagine. Alone the hunt begins again, but this time the stakes are higher.

I was absolutely taken unawares by this very enthralling, well-researched hi-, bio- techno-thriller. I have read a few techno-thrillers in my time but not one that excels in everything from the science, IT to the characterisations and romance too. The title of this book lulled me into a sense of false security as what followed had me hooked. Revealing the plot an inch at a time but keeping the twists and turns coming instinctively, this thriller could not be better crafted. To me this book defines how to write a techno-thriller with attention to detail and instant captivation to the plot.

I was fully engaged in the plight of Alex Boudreaux and preoccupied with just how the book would end, it ends on a cliff-hanger, but with just enough tantalising information to make you want to read more. I have to read the next one soon! This is one of the best well-executed techno-thrillers I have read to date and an absolute must-read for techno-thriller fans.

This book is available to read for free to all Kindle Unlimited subscribers and so is the sequel.

Links To Book:

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