Book Review: The Thief Taker by CS Quinn

It’s 1665 London during the new reign of Charles II, the Bubonic plague is epidemic and health certificates are required to access more affluent areas of London. The murder of a young woman brings her sister, Maria to seek the services of thief taker, Charlie Tuesday. Charlie is less than moved to accept this case but the lure of money and ultimately the discovery of a strange symbol on the dead body, compels him to take the case as well as clear his name. However, the killer is colder and more ruthless than either Charlie or Maria can imagine.

A hugely entertaining historical murder mystery, which is made more readable by the setting in 1665, even if you are not a huge historical fiction fan. Charlie is a very likeable investigator and his personal stake in getting to the bottom of the mystery adds another dimension to the story. There is obvious chemistry between Charlie and Maria from the start and their dialogue is mostly in keeping with the time and lively. The action throughout the book is tantalising and just when you think you have guessed the mysteries within, it slips a little further away.

There is a fair bit of violence and nudity in the story but nothing too gratuitous and off-putting. An absorbing murder mystery set in the mid-1600s with the plague and aftermath of the civil war to contend with.

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    1. Its a term that was used in the period in which this was set, a thief taker is someone who looks for thieves to bring them to justice. The main character is a thief taker.


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